Headaches and Migraines

Approximately 10% of Australians suffer from migraines.  Up to 28 types of migraines have been identified.

Approximately 10% of Australians suffer from migraines.  Up to 28 types of migraines have been identified.

Almost everyone experiences a headache from time to time, but for some the intensity or frequency (or both!) of the headaches means they must seek out treatment to get to the root of the problem.

The World Health Organization has put migraine right in the top twenty causes of disability because of the sheer numbers of people who are affected. The WHO concludes that reducing headaches is a cause for concern from a humanitarian as well as an economic point of view.

Common types of headache

Migraines are quite common but only account for a fifth of all headaches. The world’s most common headache is the tension headache with nearly 70 per cent of men reporting that they suffer from such headaches during periods of stress. In women, tension headaches are even more common, affected nearly 90 per cent of all women. People usually get their first tension headache between the age of 9 and 12 years.

Many things have been reported to trigger a migraine attack. Some of the most common are: alcohol, changes in temperature or weather, foods, including cheese and other dairy products, bananas, citrus fruits, figs, raisins, pickled foods, monosodium glutamate, processed meats such as salami, sweeteners such as saccharine, foods made with yeast and nuts. Stress, getting too much or too little sleep, bright lights, smoke and other strong smells and over exertion can also bring on an attack. For women, one of the worst triggers is their period – migraines are much more common during menstruation.

How can Homeopathy help?

Headaches can vary wildly in their symptomatology and cause, so homeopathy has an immense advantage because it uses an individualised approach. Whereas conventional medicine uses toxic drugs (usually with their own side effects) to act directly on the chemicals within your body to hopefully provide relief, homeopathy works with your body, stimulating it to correct the problem itself, at its root cause. It can therefore give more effective, longer lasting relief, and avoid the regular use of medication or pain management.